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The CPS Covenant

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Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide (CPS)

Joining forces as a Consortium we now have a unique opportunity to use our collective expertise coupled with innovation, to do our part when it comes to suicide prevention, and work together as a community of people dedicated to protecting others.

Our vision is that all people contemplating suicide receive help and support to stay alive.

Our mission is to save lives by pooling together resources, skills and technology to prevent suicide.

Members of the CPS care about and want to take action on suicide prevention. It is through the members collaborating and working towards shared goals that the vision and mission of the CPS will be achieved.

Each member holds a piece of the jigsaw. The CPS is here to assemble the picture.

Demonstrating our Commitment

We will contribute towards the vision of the CPS, by:

  • Developing the collective knowledge of the Consortium by sharing skills and expertise.
  • Participating in workshops and trials for the CPS strategic initiatives.
  • Attending CPS events.
  • Implementing relevant CPS initiatives in my organisation.
  • Appointing an CPS champion or liaison in my organisation.
  • Helping generate ideas to develop new ways of tackling suicide prevention.
  • Publicising the achievements of the Consortium on our website and social media.


Values of the CPS


We will endeavour in our business to uphold the key values of the CPS Covenant which are vital to the success of the vision. The values are:

  • Openness and transparency: We will contribute to suicide prevention by sharing professional experiences and knowledge openly and transparently.
  • Inclusiveness: We will respect other Consortium members and value each other’s contributions.
  • Integrity and Trust: We will work collaboratively with honesty and work with the Consortium in an ethical way.


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